Update from Scottish Power

Parishioners may have noticed the large cable drums in our construction compound at Bawdsey. Our onshore cable contractor, Prysmian, is about to start installing the cable through the pre-installed ducts.

Every 2km along the route Prysmian have built underground jointing bays, where the cable sections are to be connected. Cables will be pulled through from one jointing bay to the next by means if a winch. The only jointing bay on the peninsular is located in Bawdsey Marshes and work there will not be a cause of disturbance to residents. The next bay is on the other side of the River Deben. (There is also a transition bay within our compound area for connecting offshore and onshore cables. Work isn’t due here until May and I’ll provide an update later).

While there are no residential properties next to the jointing bay, I thought I’d update the Parish Council as the work involves extended hours. Once installation begins, the contractor must complete the installation in order to maintain the integrity of the cable. We have been granted permission for the work to be undertaken 24/7 and while we do not expect Prysmian to work overnight, we do expect work will take place on some Sundays. Prysmian will be working this weekend.

Edward Rees