Bawdsey Local Recorder

The role of the Local Recorder is a voluntary one and its purpose is to note significant happenings in the village on an annual basis, especially any changes. 

A report is sent into the Suffolk Local History Council at the start of each calendar year, giving an account of activities in the community and any changes that have taken place. The reports are kept at Ipswich Record Office and are available for the public to read now and in the future by historians.

The recorder tries to collect any news articles about Bawdsey in the local press and any posters or ephemera related to village happenings. These are put in folders for future generations to peruse.

With a widespread population including the hamlets of Shingle Street and East Lane, it can be quite difficult to keep track of all the changes and events so reports may not be fully comprehensive and are obviously seen through the eyes of the individual recorder.

Since 2015, the role of the recorder has been carried out by Jenny Webb, who was also the Parish Clerk for six years, which has enabled her to have an overview of village life.

All recorders are grateful to receive any relevant news from the public including flyers, posters and news articles.