Bawdsey Green Group Recycling tips:


This new group met in January for the first time and sharing ideas for recycling and using less plastic. Below are a few of their tips. If you would like to part of this group, please contact the Clerk in the first instance at

Tetrapacks: Since East Suffolk no longer collects tetrapacks for recycling, a new bin situated at the VH is installed where residents can deposit their cartons. These will be taken regularly to the Foxhall Road site.

Other items: Everyday items such as batteries, print cartridges and water filters can be taken to local collection points. Woodbridge Library for instance collects batteries and Tesco and Aldi also provide boxes for these. Toothbrushes can be recycled at some pharmacies. Spec Savers takes old glasses. Plastic bags can be recycled at the Co-op behind the tills.

Refills: Amanda Aufenast can refill bottles of hand soap, laundry liquid, fabric softener, shampoo and washing up liquid sourced from Suma/Ecover. A price list can be found on the notice board and on the website. Contact 01394 411367 or  Poppies Pantry in Melton also does refills.

Green Magazine: A new magazine called ZWaste (zero waste) has up-to-date information on local green issues, including markets and events. Some have been placed in the VH and they can also be found in the libraries.

Loose Goods: Buying loose dry goods saves on plastic packaging. Cupboard Love has a stall on Thursdays on Market Hill, Woodbridge selling a variety of dry goods. Bring your own bags or containers. Or order at