Memorial Garden 2006

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) created the Memorial Garden in the north of the Churchyard as a resting-place for cremated remains / ashes.

It was built in Loving Memory of Churchwarden Eddie Bull, who conceived the idea of the Memorial Garden, but tragically died before it could be built.
There is a Plaque dedicated to Eddie mounted on the rear wall of the Garden.
The Plaque is 9 ins x 6 ins and is in slate to match the chippings within the Memorial Garden.

The Garden is walled in brick and flint to match the existing Churchyard wall built in 1906.

This is a fuller Commemorative Plaque listing all those involved in creating the Garden.

There is a detailed Specification of the Memorial Garden and a Set of Plans that it refers to.

For information about the usage of the Garden please refer to the Churchyard / Memorial Garden page.

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