Year 2018-19

Meeting Title Date Agd Mins Clerk Rep SCC Rep Plan Rep Fin rep Other Docs
Finance meeting 15 May Agd Mins       Fin  
First PC meeting (AGM) 16 May Agd Mins Clerk   Plan Fin  
Second PC meeting 11 July Agd Mins Clerk SCC Plan Fin Recycling, Therese Coffey, Scottish Power visit
Planning meeting 22 Aug Agd Mins          
Finance meeting 7 Sep Agd Mins       Fin  
Third PC meeting 12 Sep Agd Mins Clerk SCC Plan Fin Speedwatch
Extraordinary meeting 21 Sep Agd Mins          
Finance meeting 12 Nov Agd         Fin  
Fourth PC meeting 15 Nov Agd     SCC Plan Fin  
Fifth PC meeting Jan              
Sixth PC meeting Mar              
Annual Parish meeting Apr              

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