Messages from Nikki Berry of Scottish Power

I need to draw you attention to a recent incident at one of our Horizontal Direct Drilling sites. Two members of the public made their way on foot through our easement area which is of course effectively a live construction site. They walked to the location of an HDD compound where they were met by our security staff.

I would be very grateful if you could remind members of your parish council and people within the community not to do this. As a member of the construction team I am required to wear compliant work clothing and sign in when I visit a construction site. Even then, I am not permitted on to HDD sites, as they are hazardous to those not specifically trained in HDD techniques. An unauthorised site visit by a member of the public anywhere on our project is potentially very dangerous. Please don’t do it.

Regarding Mud on Ferry Road

We will be setting up a ScottishPower compound at the site which will sit alongside the HDD compound. This is due to start next week and will enable our site managers to oversee all the contractors working in the area.  The wheel wash will be in this compound and should help mitigate mud on the roads. We will also use a road sweeper to help keep Ferry Road clean. However we are not the only workers in the area who might be causing dirt and mud on the roads and will not be cleaning up after others for the duration of our works. We will continue to undertake inspections of the road and clean up after our own workers. Please continue to raise any issues or concerns about the state of the road or ProW and I will investigate.

Nikki Berry