As you know, all EA1 drill activity at the Landfall site is complete. We have also completed the extension of the EA3 drill to the awaiting offshore reception pit and have set up the drilling rig ready to begin pulling the duct back through.  As previously mentioned, the duct pull in and the following calibration is very much dependent on weather, as it involves off shore support vessels.

Unfortunately due to bad weather and tidal conditions we will not be able to complete the final part of the work before construction shuts down for Christmas on 21 December. Additionally, with poor weather and challenging tidal conditions expected in the New Year, together with other constraints such as accommodating Port Authority requirements, work is now expected to continue for several weeks into 2019.

In order to try and finish the work as soon as possible, we have applied for and been granted 24 hour, seven day working by the local authority. We do not expect to work 24 hours in 2019, but the consent will allow us greater flexibility such as the ability to take advantage of a break in the weather.

Between Boxing Day and the New Year, a small team from Volker will access the site to turn over the EA3 drill string. This is required to maintain the integrity of the bore and is not expected to be a cause of disturbance. They will not be working on public holidays.

Should you need to contact EA1 over the Christmas period, please call us on 0800 195 0029.