New to Church

New to Church?

If you haven't been to church before we understand that you may have many questions. Hopefully the following will make it easier for you, but if you have any other questions that are not covered here then please contact any PCC Member.

What welcome will I receive?

When you enter the church on a Sunday you will be greeted at the door by one of our PCC Members. You will be given a Service Sheet (this is a programme of all the activities that occur during the Service) and a Pew Sheet (this contains the Bible Readings for the Service and other information about Church Activities, throughout the area in the coming weeks). Please feel free to take the Pew Sheet away with you.

Where can I sit?

Quite simply, you can sit wherever you like! Unfortunately we do not have a loop system, so if you have a hearing aid then we suggest sitting nearer the front.

What about children?

If you have any children they can sit with you throughout the service and please do not worry if they make a noise or want to move about.

What happens during the service?

Sunday services are led from the front, and will consist of hymns, prayers, Bible readings, and a sermon. Most hymns are from the "Hymns - Ancient & Modern - New Standard", these Books are already in the pews (the long church seats). All Bible Readings are in the Pew Sheets, which are handed out when you arrive.

During the Sunday morning service we will normally have a collection for the work of the church. Please do not feel under any obligation to give as it is primarily the responsibility of us as regular members of the church to fund the work that we do in God's name.

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