Meeting Date Agenda Minutes Attachments
Annual Church Meetings 31-Mar-2011 ACM_Agd_11 ACM_Min_11
First PCC Meeting 31-Mar-2011 PCC_Agd_11_1 PCC_Min_11_1
Second PCC Meeting 10-Jun-2011 PCC_Agd_11_2 PCC_Min_11_2
First Tower Open Mtg 23-Jun-2011 Not produced Open_Min_11_1
Second Tower Open Mtg 18-Jul-2011 Not produced Open_Min_11_2
Third PCC Meeting 08-Sep-2011 PCC_Agd_11_3 PCC_Min_11_3
First Extra-ord Mtg 02-Oct-2011 Not produced PCC_Min_11_E1
Fourth PCC Meeting 18-Jan-2012 PCC_Agd_11_4 PCC_Min_11_4

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