Ashes Memorial Garden

The “Ashes” Memorial Garden in the Churchyard was:

Conceived by Edwin “Eddie” Bull (Churchwarden)
before his untimely death in May 2004.

Commissioned by Doreen Bull and family, and
 the Parochial Church Council as a memorial to Eddie.

Contributed to by family, friends and villagers in gratitude for
all Eddie’s work in the Church and Village.

Constructed by Dick Graham, assisted by:
Amanda and David Aufenast, Alison and Lydia Calvesbert, Geoffrey Clement,
Vic Clouting, Mark Dovey (who also ordered the materials), Sheila Graham,
Gary Lennard, George Mark, Pam Hoe (who donated most of the flint),
Anne Nicholson, Pat and Rawdon Saunders and Marilyn and GrahamTurner.

Co-ordinated by Graham Turner (PCC Secretary),
who produced the Technical Specification, the Invitation to Tender, the Faculty Application
and the Statement of Significance and had overall responsibility for the project.

Completed in June 2006.

Consecrated by Rev Geoffrey Clement in November 2006.